I’ve always written.  It’s weird to put any of these poems out there.  All of my writing still lives in a box filled with journals in a closet in my parents house where they will stay collecting dust.

I’m not a traditional artist. I didn’t start working with art or artists until I turned 18. Directly after I stopped taking medication for my attention deficit disorder.  The change in myself and my interest was so drastic after that I found myself unfamiliar & interested in community and collaboration, Able to express myself more fully and wanting to connect to people more fully. It made me fall into years of depression, addiction. but especially confusion of who I was growing up and I still struggle with this idea of identity daily.

I got more interested in being with people, and how I could help a collective of artists. That’s where it all started, I started to plan events with friends. I was taught to run sound and lights (clandestinely) . I took a role of sending emails and I found jobs that payed me for the organizational work of arts programming and when I found the time I worked in the Arkansas DIY scene just having fun.

I’m gonna go back and edit those poems and switch one out…but by the end of the day.