The Spirit of the Phenomenon

“…it is much simpler to suppose that what
we do not understand does not exist”
C. G. Jung. Spirit in Man, Art and Literature

A phenomena, plural of phenomenon, can be understood as something or someone remarkable, exceptional, unusual or abnormal. A spatiotemporal object of sensory experience as distinguished from a posited object or event as it appears in itself independent of perception by the senses.

The symbolic system of the numbers developed through the numerology, unveil all the qualities, potentials and unknown potential of someone who is born on earth.

During “The Spirit of the Phenomena” the portrait of the Museum of Human Achievement will be deployed, as well as some other portraits of the team that integrates it. This portrait is not explained in the conventional sense of the word, or with conventional numbers. It takes as a starting point two dates of birth, the one of MoHA’s conception and the date where this project became real physically.

The numerology I use is known as Pythagorean-Alchemist-Jungian and is based on the date of birth, month, day and year, reduced to one digit. From these three numbers a total of fourteen numbers corresponding a specific aspect of the consciousness, unconscious, subconscious and supra-conscious are unfolded. Numbers from 1 to 9 are understood as specific vibrations that reflect a particular quality and depending on where they are placed, they reflect a positive or negative polarity in the particular tendencies of the individual.

MoHA’s portrait has the peculiarity of completing the 9 numbers. This will be presented as codes, through the Mayan system of numbers.

Isa Carillo

1982, Guadalajara, México.

Her work has been defined by a research of hidden and enigmatic aspects of the collective unconscious and a connection to a critical and empirical vision of pseudosciences applied to individuals.

Her interest in hidden or invisible phenomena began to develop at the start of her career by combining themes referring to the subconscious present in everyday life.

Through the collection of elements such as personal files, photographs and graphic material among others, the artist stores images and information that she later uses as catalysts to develop her projects. In this way, the point of departure becomes the place of union between memory and form thus proposing a bridge towards the invisible. | @estudioisacarillo