Sentinel — Temple Of Self-Awareness

An interdisciplinary action of sculptural installation, video art, and interactive feedback, Sinelnikova’s The Temple of Self-Awareness invited the audience into a reflective environment of self-surveillance, wherein a projection-mapped lightscape served as a setting for observation and meditation. This environment of refractive light effects served as a metaphor for the elusive, fragmented quality of modern communication, grounded at the center by the “BLARNEY” prism structure (named after the clandestine program which collects peer to peer metadata for the US government), which redirected laser beams in a reflective enclosure. Projected video featured internet personae browsing, as well as a live feed of the audience-participants. A performance by the artist as “THE ORACLE” activated the light work via a coordinated interaction and ritual. Julia Sinelnikova is a Russian multimedia artist, born in Jerusalem and raised in Texas. She had her first solo exhibition in Houston at age 16 and has since exhibited internationally, as well as curated a variety of exhibitions. She has shown at institutions such as the Contemporary Art Museum of Houston, The Oulu Museum of Art, Williamsburg Art & Historical Center, and Dumbo Art Center in Brooklyn. Sinelnikova has also presented site specific installations during Miami Art Week (Art Basel) annually since 2011. Passionate about bringing communities together around creative events, she co-organized Bushwick Open Studios for over five years. In 2012 she helped organize GO, the first Brooklyn-wide open studio festival. She presently lives and works in Brooklyn. | @or_acle | Vimeo