Plasma Pool VII

Altar Edition PLASMA POOL VII: ALTAR EDITION is a trans-media non-opera psycho-lecture that tells – or rather, demonstrates – the experiments of estranged ex-choir director Cordey Lopez and his relationship to the baffling, organic hyper-computer inhabiting his subterranean studio apartment. In this immersive experience of “hi-sci-fi meets lo-art”: acts of sculpture, dance, interactive electronics, video, puppetry, breaking into song, and “blah-blah-whatever” are crammed into a particle accelerator (clank-crackle-swoosh-pop!), yielding an orgiastic, primordial ballet. Instructed to “BRING A SWIMSUIT, A FLASHLIGHT, AND A TOWEL,” the audience was invited to become part of this absurdist Gesamtkunstwerk, taking an “acid bath in the core processor’s voltaic cell” (which happens to look a lot like a relaxing swimming pool). “Plasma Pool VII” was a collaboration between Cordey Lopez, Danni Tsuboi, Olivia Warner, and friends.