Janet40 is an artistic and curatorial duo founded by Luis Nava and Patricia Siller in 2016. They focus on collaborations with artists that have internet-baseds concerns in their practice and are interested in converting digital media that lives in the internet into physical objects. Janet40 has evolved through its 3-year lifespan and now has a mind of its own: as a collective, they have curated and collaborated in over eight exhibitions; shown at Design Week, Mexico City, 2018 and at Material Art Fair, Mexico City, 2018-2019; have created two limited edition objects in collaboration with Mexican artists and are now working on their second batch of art phygital objects during the Unlisted Projects residency at MoHA. For the objects, they collaborated with Austin based artist Hannah Dubbe and with Mexico City based poet Canek Zapata.

Li Po | Rice for The People | Our collaboration with Mexico City based digital poet Canek Zapata.

Rice for The People is based on a set of poems written by Canek Zapata inspired by Chinese poet Li Po (701–762 A.D). The poems take place in an alternate timeline where the world is overtaken by Alien Capitalism. In them, Li Po describes the aftermath of the invasion and conveys to Canek that the only way to prevent it, is if he would spread file 8888 in our current timeline.

Twenty years passed since Canek decoded file 8888 and finally in 2019, after several meetings, Janet40 helped Zapata design a strategy to spread it like a virus, along with a promotional video and packaging.

We chose rice as a vessel for the file, you can inoculate yourself by consuming it. Just shine a UV light on it before doing so, this way you will know its authentic.

Save yourself from Alien Capitalism!

Dubbe’s Nubes | Our collaboration with Austin based artist Hannah Dubbe.

Dubbe’s Nubes (Dubbe’s Clouds) is loosely based on one of Dubbe’s past projects: Adventure Hannah. In it, the artist presents gifs of herself doing ordinary things: working, sleeping, or just hanging out. As well as a list of her positives and things she can improve on; one of those things is Anxiety.

Janet40 came up with the idea of fabricating a pillow to help her, themselves— and everyone else who might need it— chill a little bit!

The pillow comes in two beautiful designs: one is “Korean Baby” and the other one is “90’s corporate dream”. They come with a set of ASMR inspired sounds recorded by Hannah herself, to ease you into a peaceful and relaxing time.

janet40.com | @janet.40 | canekzapata.net | hannahdubbe.com