Superbowl Sunday Dipfest 9000

Through an insane banal journey, Jack Topht found a home for his transcendent radical poetics in genreless underground, noise, punk and rap communities. While he worked for 12.5 yrs at a group home for individuals with developmental disabilities, Jack bought a car and began touring the south in winter 2016 (the group home had generous paid time off to offset relatively low wages). During his time at MoHA, Jack collaborated with Ponyboy & The Horse Girls, Party Plants and Invisible Sister for a Valentine’s Day Event featuring a make out room, hand holding zone, ritual castration, photo-ops, DIY heart cards and a balloon-arch. Topht also organized a radical interpretation of “Superbowl Sunday.” Jack Topht put out his 20th tape since 2009 at the end of February 2016. This tape “Daniel Johnson Shit” was recorded entirely by himself while in residence, utilizing a chord organ, piano, a “cool” casiotone and Yamaha portasound, as well as rap drums off his cell phone. In addition, Jack Topht reached out to many Austin artists, musicians and friends in diverse scenes, and recorded an hour of music with all of them. | SoundCloud |  TEENWOLF and Jack Topht | @jacktopht