In a time marked by a proliferation of digital technologies, neo-liberalism and growing nationalism, theater artist and playwright Ivana Ivković (Zagreb, Croatia), examines ways to open up spaces for public engagement and collective agency and encourage social solidarity. Her current research is rooted in the civic and professional sense of urgency around the global crisis created by growth-based neoliberal capitalism and peoples’ concurrent loss of a sense of belonging. Being deeply interested in the destabilization of a theatrical act as an act of performance, an act of spectating and an act of communication, Ivana’s work produces more problems than attempts at unequivocal understanding, immersion and identification. Drawing inspiration from her work with dancers, Ivana’s recent work is focused around a study on pedestrian walking practices from meditation walks to protest marches. Through her residency Ivana wants to engage with artists, organizations and community groups that question the public sphere; What is and isn’t allowed and how can this reshape the political reality and further develop the sense of communality.

this residency was presented in partnership with CEC Arts Link

Walking in Texas |