Wrong Did

Dom Rabalais is a musician and filmmaker. He performs and tours in his “band” / motivational speaking, pseudo-spiritual dance crew, Little Ruckus. Rabalais has performed in most US states, as well as in Europe and Canada. In 2014, Dom made 40 music videos for 40 new songs. In the process of making these music videos, he additionally made a short film consisting of 10 music videos with a narrative that flowed between all of them. The root philosophy which guides everything that he creates (informs every decision as a person) is a concept which he calls “Sweat Power.” Sweat Power’s concept lies in that perfect transcendence that one can feel at any moment in their lives (e.g., athletes in “the zone” or artists when they feel they are being guided by some sort of greater creative force, or even the transcendentalist poets). Sweat Power’s core idea states that the performer is no longer a person in the sense of specific personhood: they enter a state or pure humanness, and yet are additionally eternal in a more than human way. When he performs and experiences a state of Sweat Power, he is no longer the performer and the audience is no longer the audience; instead, they are together creating a moment that is 100% presence. Every person is in the exact place they need to be, contributing equally the perfection of a collectively generated Sweat Power.

www.domrabalais.com | @_real_Dom | https://littleruckus.bandcamp.com/