Chelsea A. Flowers hails from the great city of Cleveland! Chelsea A. Flowers is an artist who holds an MFA from Cranbrook Academy of Art. Prior to Cranbrook, Flowers studied Fine Arts and Black Studies at Denison University. She has shown work at various galleries in Columbus and Cleveland Ohio. Additionally she has held performances at galleries and universities around Detroit. Her practice explores subversion to popular culture through analysis of the concept “What Would Migos Do?”

An Evening of Performances by Chelsea A. Flowers, Colton Dowling, Hannah Dubbe, Alex Meiser, and Nick Witten

Do you like variety shows? Laughter? Or specifically laughing at someone? Or laughing at multiple people? Well you’re in luck the undeniably awkward and funny Chelsea A. Flowers is here to entertain by sharing and analyzing quotes by the provocative American sweethearts, Migos. And share stories from her life, which will make you feel much better about your own. Chelsea A. Flowers brings along a group of much funnier art friends who will certainly entertain if she doesn’t. They’ll talk, stand, sit, perhaps crowd surf and share all the things that they find funny.

And if you’re still wondering why/what/who/why there are some sort of ingestible items for your enjoyment.