H. Thunderbolt

Cole Bee Wilson is an installation, performance and sound artist based in Santa Fe, NM. His residency project, H. Thunderbolt, is a recorded composition which elucidates the epic histories of the Second Punic War between Carthage and Rome, focusing primarily on the life of the General Hannibal Barca. This project incorporates collaborations with over 100 musicians, countless recording sessions spanning the breadth of America, subterranean field recordings in the catacombs underneath the city of Austin and the demolition of a piano with a sledge hammer recorded with home made contact microphones. The record is a blend of lush drones, walls of noise, aching melodies and earnest lyrics about what it is to fail and the victory therein. The project was released as an album in March of 2016. Wilson’s previous works include managing and composing for the Apple Miner Colony – a 30 piece folk orchestra – from 2006-2010, as well as developing sound design for the radical projects of Santa Fe’s Meow Wolf from 2012 to the present. His work has been reviewed in the Chicago Tribune, Hyperallergic and The Guardian.

meowwolf.com/thunderbolt | Bandcamp